Do You Know What A SAHW Is?

Today I googled to see if there was a term I could use to label myself. I could not use “SAHM” (Stay At Home Mom) since I have no children except for the big one aka The Husband, and 2 cats. Apparently, the term “SAHW” (Stay At Home Wife) aptly describes me.

Next, I googled “SAHW” & “Singapore”. Not surprisingly, it hardly turned up any results. I suppose an expensive city like Singapore hardly encourages the existence of a local SAHW. I imagine that even if any existed, she would be quiet about it to avoid critical relatives & judgement from acquaintances.

To note, although taitais and expat wives may technically also be SAHWs, I don’t consider them to be in the same category since their lifestyles are very different. Taitais have maids to do the dirty work as their real job is to look good, dress well, and attend events with their highest level of personal PR. As for expat wives – even those without husbands with fat paychecks – their concerns about living in a new country probably keep them busy as they make new friends, learn a new language, and learn to navigate around.

A local SAHW cleans, cooks, does the laundry, and runs little errands here and there. Admittedly, she has lots of free time to watch TV shows, surf the internet, and check out all that’s happening in Singapore. She gets a little bored but isn’t interested to meet up with friends that often anyway since that involves spending money on frivolous meals.

She is comfortable with herself and comfortable doing things alone. And unlike the time when she was working in the corporate world, now she hardly gets annoyed or loses her temper. In fact, she is usually calm and relaxed.

Sometimes she envies her friends and ex-colleagues who go to office but realises in the next second that they envy her too. In life, we always want what we don’t have. The secret to contentment is to appreciate what you DO have at present. I don’t know how long my SAHW status will stay, but I will try to appreciate this downtime as much as I can.


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