Nowhere To Go

I mentioned before that I’m comfortable going out to explore on my own. Unfortunately, I’ve run out of places to explore in Singapore. I have read all the enthusiastic articles with long lists of things to do in Singapore and nothing entices me anymore. If I’ve not done something on the list, it’s because it doesn’t interest me, e.g. museums, shopping, and cafe-hopping.

It’s not that Singapore is boring. Rather, after 30 plus years with active exploration on my part in the last decade, I can’t find anywhere else to go now. No need to ask if I’ve been to the Kranji farms, Jurong Bird Park, MacRitchie TreeTop Walk, Sungei Boloh Wetland Reserve, or done zip-lining, Segway, shooting, archery, etc.: I’ve even visited the deserted Singapore Discovery Centre! However, I draw the line at visiting Haw Par Villa and Snow City… because they’re quite sad places la.

Maybe it’s time to explore Malaysia, even though I’ve held back due to issues of safety and cheating. I will think about it.




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