Goodbye Dear Friend

Yesterday I said my last goodbye to one of the sweetest girl friends who left us too soon and too sudden. 2 weeks after she gave birth to her baby boy, she jumped in the middle of the night. Her family told us it was due to postnatal depression.

All of us who knew her were shocked to say the least. She was a demure, kind, steady, and calm lady who never had any sort of emotional outburst at work, so we found this extremely hard to accept. I think she was the last person we expected to have ended her life…

She was around the same age as me, and used to sit beside me when I worked at my previous company. Like any desk buddies, we would chitchat on slow days, and go out for lunch together sometimes. I think of her smile and her words, and I can’t believe she is gone.

I keep imagining her at the window before she jumped, enveloped in dark thoughts, and just can’t reconcile that same image to the girl I knew. How can it be?? What sort of crazy disease is depression that it can so completely take over the mind of a person??

Such a tragedy… All the more because she left behind a husband and a 2-week-old. The heart can barely take it in.


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