The Importance Of Being Faithful

I’ve got infidelity on my mind.

Don’t know if I am naive for still feeling shocked and disappointed whenever I find out a friend has been cheating on his/her spouse. I don’t always find out by their confessions. Sometimes it’s through clues or text messages that I wasn’t supposed to see.

Truly, it’s not always unhappy partners who cheat. A lot of decent, down-to-earth people give in to temptation. Frankly, I only know of one attention-seeking tramp who was still having her secret affairs just after her wedding. The rest were people you never imagined would hurt their partners.

Don’t people believe in the sanctity of marriage? I would never risk jeopardizing what I have for someone who would not be worthy of what my husband has given me these past years. Why don’t others believe in this too? Why don’t they believe in doing what’s right rather than what’s easy?

Do you know what’s really frightening? Many of the men I knew who were cheating did so while their wives were pregnant. How sad is that… so heartbreaking that the husband is having an affair when they’re just about to start their own family.

Sometimes I feel like taking their spouses by their shoulders and shaking them. “Don’t you see??” I would scream. “Can’t you tell what’s going on?!” But I don’t. Because they’re in the dark and happy in their ignorance. I secretly wish they would read this one day and realise I’m talking about them, but that’s just about the extent I would go.


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