I’m NOT A Material Girl

Interestingly, despite having a postgraduate degree in Advertising and starting my career in Marketing, I never fell prey to the consumerism culture that pervades our society. I definitely don’t hanker over branded bags, salivate at diamonds, or yearn for the newest gadgets.

I choose a simple life and only spend on necessities or experiences that make me richer. I believe in giving my love to people and not to… things.

In a consumerist city like Singapore, you can’t walk 2 steps without bumping into another materialistic idiot. Hence, one thing that I haven’t been able to say out loud within my own social network is that I think people who lust for branded goods are just STUPID. Let me say it loud and clear here in my own private blog – people who are a slave to material goods are SHALLOW. They are like SHEEP.

It is so silly that some girls spend several thousands on branded bags, then lament they don’t have money. Or think it’s something worth showing off on Facebook. No, it’s really not because now you’ve let a bag make you who you are (“Look at me! I’m an LV kind of girl!”), rather than you make your clothes work for you (“I’m a sexy, confident woman, and this LBD shows it.”).

Also, what’s the point of bragging about it on Facebook or Instagram? Don’t bullshit that you’re sharing your happiness. The clear fact is you’re trying to incite envy. You’re trying to validate your self-worth with ‘Likes’. I cannot roll my eyes any more without them popping out of my head.

I also dislike it when richer folk I come across complain about how hard it is to maintain their standard of living, and start blaming the gahmen. I cannot fathom why they cannot see their own fortunate situation, and that they somehow think that buying more and more will satisfy them. It never will, because the problem does not lie with the number of things they can buy (it is limitless!), but rather, the problem lies in themselves.

I’m thankful my close circle of friends are not like that. Of course, likely they are my close friends because they are not like that. Some of them come from wealthy backgrounds, but no one ever cares about mundane things like branded bags or clothes. Everyone is humble. We love celebrating achievements, milestones in life, traveling, getting fit, hobbies, etc. That’s the way our lives should be.


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