It’s All About Looking Younger

I always hate it when girls in their 20s moan about how OLD they are getting. They have no idea what they’re talking about! As a woman in my 30s, I’m not ready to LOOK old yet although my face and body have different ideas… and it can only get worse. Here’s what I have done to make my face look younger:

1) Regular maintenance – face masks almost every night and facials every 3 weeks. Also, lash perm and eyebrow embroidery whenever needed.

2) Aesthetic surgery – double eyelid surgery to lift up my eyes, especially the droopy lids at the end of the eyes which get more obvious with age.

3) Injections – botox on forehead and frown lines, and just started sculptra to remove the signs of saggy cheeks aka the granny bulldog cheeks.

Thankfully I don’t really have wrinkles elsewhere besides my forehead (which was a problem since young due to strong muscles) so that helps quite a bit.

“Ageing gracefully” is such a sensitive topic. For me – and I believe for a lot of women – there’s a lot of pressure on looking younger once you hit your 30s. Some put in effort to slow down the appearance of ageing, while others have blind hope. I also know of others in denial about their lost youth. Do you know the type? The ones who keep on openly declaring how young they look and people mistaking them to be younger, etc. but who actually look kinda auntie leh. What I really do think is that… unless you’re that 0.000001% of the population blessed with incredible genes, not only do you need clean eating and regular exercise, most likely you need some work at the clinic to look ‘younger than your age’.

Strangely though, I’m not sure why Singaporeans are still so conservative about any type of aesthetic procedures even if they’re just non-invasive injections. You can hear the keyboard warriors banging away on their keyboards even on just the topic of botox. What is it about plastic surgery that riles up all these cavemen? Is it a sense of feeling cheated? In that case, shouldn’t they hate all women who use make-up?

I definitely think it’s okay to get clinical help to “age gracefully”. I think many old-fashioned people don’t realise the amount of “behind-the-scenes” procedures that help older celebrities look the way they do.

But no matter what, we must appreciate the looks we have now, because future us will look back and wistfully wish for our current looks. And it will go on and on…


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