4 A.M. Food Thoughts

Can’t really sleep tonight, so shall rank my favourite Singaporean dishes. If I know I’m going to die like within a month, I’ll make sure I’ll go 2 rounds each:

  1. Kuay chap
  2. Chicken rice
  3. Nasi lemak
  4. Satay bee hoon
  5. Chicken curry mee
  6. Indian rojak
  7. Char kuay teow
  8. Bak kut teh
  9. Black carrot cake
  10. Salted egg crab
  11. Sambal lala
  12. Tau huay
  13. Fish head curry
  14. Seafood horfun
  15. Teochew porridge

Halfway while writing this list, I changed my mind about going 2 rounds… I think 1 round is enough because there’re still sooo many good local dishes to eat! OK, so some ‘consolation prizes’:

  • Laksa
  • Wanton mee
  • Crispy squid
  • Satay with awesome peanut sauce
  • Ipoh horfun
  • Mee siam
  • Chicken penyet
  • Teh tarik
  • Roti prata
  • Yong tau foo

Now I really feel like eating them all! Dammit. Stomach’s unhappy at 4 a.m.


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