15 Causes Of Job Search Depression

Came across this article that sums thing up succinctly:

  1. Loss of control – sudden, traumatic change of having a great job one day and no job the next.
  2. Constant uncertainty of not knowing when the job search will end.
  3. The ever-continuing quest for acceptance that is a job search.
  4. Backlash of commiseration with other job seekers.
  5. Feeling of insignificance stemming from a lack of replies to your many cover letters and resumes sent out.
  6. Overwhelming ratio of rejection letters to positive replies.
  7. The new experience of your first time being unemployed.
  8. Being forced into a tough situation with no choice in the matter.
  9. The unease of having to do something that you were never taught in school or simply aren’t prepared for, i.e. a job search.
  10. The strain of managing personal finances after your main source of revenue is gone.
  11. Having to support a family or other dependents during a rough moment in your life.
  12. The realization that you might be depressed and not knowing how to the depression.
  13. The difficult need to deal with these feelings while still seeming upbeat in interviews and while networking.
  14. Envying friends and family head out on vacation and enjoying life while you’re required to continue the unending search.
  15. Unemployment embarrassment – struggling to answer one of the most asked questions: “What do you do?”

Anyone who has been through job hunting while currently unemployed will surely be able to empathise with someone going through that situation.

It’s a funny thing. You can be financially secure, have supportive family and friends, and knowingly jumped into the choice of quitting your previous job… But the uncertainty and psychological impact of rejection can really mess with your mind.


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